Friday, February 22, 2008

Get excited!

This blog is sorely lacking in chick-punk-rock-pony-thrash. Don't worry, I've got it covered with one of my current, favorite bands: the ladies of Mika Miko.


These girls are insane in the best kind of way. Mika Miko is an all girl punk band who bring it back to bands like The Slits (one of my favorite albums is still Cut). They also have this habit of playing shows in the middle of empty rooms and not onstage, which--I probably don't have to tell you--is pretty ridiculously amazing.


I saw Mika Miko a few months back at the Empty Bottle, and the room was more packed than I ever remember a show at the Empty Bottle being. It was a nonstop dance fest and one of the most impressive live shows I've seen in quite awhile. One of the lead singers sings into a microphone shaped as a bright red, telephone's a very interesting thing to see.

A friend I brought along who had NEVER heard of them before that night turned to me after the show and said, "I want to propose to all of them." Isn't that alone enough to intrigue you?

But declarations of love and proposals aside, the music really speaks for itself. It's fast paced punk-thrash that's as easy to dance to as it is to headbang to. The mix of the lead singer's voices compliment each other in a variety of ways--it's fun to hear the gutsy screaming of Jenna Thornhill mixed with the light, girly sing-talking of Jennifer Clavin.

One of my favorite songs is "Capricorinations":

And check out the video for "Business Cats":

See? They're talented, exciting AND adorable. Also? Please note that the drummer is wearing a SKIRT. Get it, girl!

Check out more of the ladies of Mika Miko at their Myspace.

And I encourage you to pick up one or both of their albums:
C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. (which contains Capricorinations and Business Cats) and/or 666 (the newest record) at Post Present Medium!

Sounds like pony thrash to me! And I like it.