Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pretty in Punk

I have an issue with people that talk "shit" (for lack of a better word) on genres of music they don't like simply because they don't like it. There is never really a reason behind saying it "sucks" except they don't find it appealing.

There is a difference between a band "sucking" or a band being something "you are not into."

A band sucks if they are sloppy musicians, if they are off pitch, if they are off beat, if the singer has a bad voice, etc. etc. A band playing music you don't enjoy but is played well does not suck. For example, I am not a fan of country music but I know that Garth Brooks doesn't suck. I don't like Tex-Mex but I know Los Tigres Del Norte are pretty amazing musicians. You may hate classical music but you can't diss on the first chair violonist, can you? Yeah, no.

I cannot stand certain bands because I don't like their lyrics or I don't like their style of playing - but I won't say they suck unless I can give a technical reason. I just say "I'm not into them." Because if it was up to me, a lot of genres would not exist, but that would make a lot of other people unhappy and people have a right to decide what they do or don't like.

So long live pop-punk! Long live industrial! Long live death metal! Long live any kind of genre that gets shit on by pretentious assholes who think they have better taste than everyone else because they drink PBRs while riding bikes to bars to sit and talk with other assholes about how great that new band that no one knows about is because no one knows about it except for them (the assholes).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Bears Came (Late of the Pier live at Congress)

by The Real Dan.Album cover courtesy of the artist.

As I swam through the sea of glowsticks, Affliction shirts, Heinekens, and Go-Go dancers, I couldn't tell if I was in a New York rave club or Congress Theater in Chicago. April 11th was a Saturday night unlike any other. The spirit of Passover lingered in the air and Easter Sunday was on the horizon. So excited was I for the bill that I absent-mindedly broke the first rule of the holiday of Matzos as soon as I stepped onto the dance floor and guzzled several Guinnesses, realizing my folly only after the third or eighth. And a dance floor it was-- the bill was packed with back to back hard electro artists and DJs... Deadmau5, Crookers, the Whip, Zebo, Willy Joy, Brad Owen, Loyal Divide, Local Hero. And then there was Late of the Pier. But before I talk about my friends Late of the Pier from Castle Donington, dare I say that I enjoyed Willy Joy's DJ set more than Crookers? Yay. As talented as Crookers are, Willy Joy showed me that it doesn't take three men to drop a hot beat. The man brought it and practically stole the show with his song selection, smooth transitions, and turntable acrobatics. Not to mention it looked like he was having a damn fun time on stage. After Willy Joy and Late of the Pier, the audience had already long warmed up... and I hate to say it, but watching Crookers wank the microphone while playing "Il Bruto" was not overly entertaining. 'Cause you know what happens when you wank your beats too hard (incoherent flow yo!) They're no rock stars on the decks, but hey, I do like some of their remixes.

Late of the Pier, on the other hand, was a ray of summer festival sunlight through the muck of hard, serious electro noise. Perhaps the acoustics of the venue were not the friendliest to artists like the Whip (Manchester), who were great when I saw them at Webster Hall in NY, but just sounded muddy and reverby when they played at Congress. The vocals were on pitch, but otherwise, the rest was all bass. Congress' stage was even less friendly to Late of the Pier, which was truly a shame, because the dudes were troopers throughout the set. Late of the Pier was too hot for Congress the moment they kicked off their show with Space and the Woods. But the monitors weren't having it and produced a ton of feedback (all eyes to the sound guy). Still, the audience didn't care, and the dedicated fans sang along and danced like they were at Warped Tour. When "The Bears are Coming" came on, it was like a jungle party-- the type you'd see in an MGMT music video, where jungle people with conches fish down the moon, slice it open, and dance in its moon juices (sounds kind of nasty... but watch the Electric Feel music video if you haven't). But maybe the feedback wasn't all that detrimental to the set. I mean, in the music video for "Focker," the machines come out and defeat the human band members by the end of the video. Fits with the theme, no? The shot towards the beginning where Potter's glasses fly off his face is priceless... every time. Regardless of technical difficulties, Late of the Pier made it through their set in one piece and didn't miss a beat. Don't sweat it guys. This show just made me look forward even more to catching them next time they play outdoors or at a sweaty indie show where everyone's down for having fun. Forget all that fat, noisy, european electro house-- it rarely sounds good in a big venue or works for the dance floor. That shit gets old and predictable fast. Not very cool. The cool thing to do instead is to grab a case of PBRs, pick up Fantasy Black Channel by Late of the Pier, and have yourself a grand jungle party!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Junior Boys. Nope, not so much.

I'd like to apologize for not blogging earlier about how awful the Junior Boys show was, but I was too busy trying to go all Eternal Sunshine on my mind about it. It was like a sad zombie dance party. I do believe there is more energy and electricity generated by a 20 watt light bulb than those two dudes of dull.

First off there set was entirely too long for the $19.98 (USD not Canadian dollars) that I spent. Had I wanted to be that bored, I would have bought some heinous color of paint and then stirred it for an hour and a half hoping that it would be prettier if I just "stirred it a little longer."

I mean Canada you have some fine exports, namely Degrassi High, Labatt's Blue, and jet streams to entertain me as I try to dress in the morning, but this? Really?!? No wonder 1/2 of America seems to think you're a third-world country, and the other half thinks you're a french fry and gravy loving, hug-a-thon of "free" health care.

I don't think there was enough 7 dollar beers to make this show even salvageable. I can make a dance party out of a cell phone ring so that's saying a lot. I don't understand why nobody is bringing it lately.

Wavves, you guys were good I enjoyed you the next night, but if I wanted to listen to you play for like 30-35 minutes, I would've just played your album loudly.

I am distressed that I missed Friendly Fires. Those boys can bring the dance party out like it were Berlin on Madonna night. I'll just have to keep rocking out to "Skeleton Boy" on my iPod of doom.

I'm going to Great Lake Swimmers on the 21st but I don't know what I'm going to do to hold me over until then. Where are the good shows? Oh wait, we're rapidly approaching that point in time where nobody all that great will come and play Chicago because of Pitchfork and Lollapalooza. All the good shows stack up on the same days in the winter, and believe me, no matter how warm I get, when it's 65 two weeks prior then snowing when I get out of work, I sure don't want to schlep myself to a show and wish that I had just gone home and watched some sort of quality programming on CBS prime time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I couldn't wait for the summer and The Warped Tour

Blink 182. The band of the hour.
Some people don't give a shit and some people are ecstatic.
I, for one, am jumping for joy.

For all the haters out there acting like Blink never broke up, this band stopped touring in 2004 and released their last album (self-titled) then as well. They were gone for four years.... which is a substantial amount of time when you are only 24. Drama went down and for whatever reasons they split up and formed Angels and Airwaves (puke) and +44 (yay!).... I was obviously on Team Mark..... aka Team Hottest Man In The World.


But I digress.

For those of us not fortunate enough to be born in the 70s, Blink 182 served as a gateway band. We didn't grow up on The Misfits or Black Flag because we were either a zygote or only a twinkle in our parents' eyes. I remember sitting in my room listening to a tape of Cheshire Cat at age 11 and being amazed at the sound coming out of my stereo while circle moshing before I even knew what circle moshing was. I had never heard anything like it. I remember when Dude Ranch came out (yay Alyssa Malano) and Travis joined the band. I remember being so stoked when Enema of the State made it big and when "Adam's Song" was my favorite song. I remember the Pop Disaster Tour being one of the best nights of my life (contrary to popular belief, I thought Blink was awesome live). I remember wanting all three copies of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

Yay music!

I remember being devastated when I found out that they were no longer a band.

So sad! Black emo tears!

This band took me forward and backwards. I learned about Jimmy Eat World because of Blink 182. I learned about Warped Tour aka Punk Rock Summer Camp because of Blink 182. I learned about The Descendants and Screeching Weasels and Black Flag because of Blink 182. Granted.... I also learned about Dickies and skate shoes - oh what a low time in my fashion life. I learned about pop, punk,pop punk, hardcore, and skate culture because of this trio.

So, yes. It is a big deal that this band it back together. Without this band we would not have Fall Out Boy or Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or any of the other little pop punky groups running amuck nowadays. I jumped from my seat and screamed, "Fuck yes!" when they officially announced the reunion.
I got chills when I saw the new website. www.blink182.com

Girl boner.

And I may in fact quit my life to follow their tour this summer.

The Girl At The Rock Show