Thursday, February 12, 2009

I couldn't wait for the summer and The Warped Tour

Blink 182. The band of the hour.
Some people don't give a shit and some people are ecstatic.
I, for one, am jumping for joy.

For all the haters out there acting like Blink never broke up, this band stopped touring in 2004 and released their last album (self-titled) then as well. They were gone for four years.... which is a substantial amount of time when you are only 24. Drama went down and for whatever reasons they split up and formed Angels and Airwaves (puke) and +44 (yay!).... I was obviously on Team Mark..... aka Team Hottest Man In The World.


But I digress.

For those of us not fortunate enough to be born in the 70s, Blink 182 served as a gateway band. We didn't grow up on The Misfits or Black Flag because we were either a zygote or only a twinkle in our parents' eyes. I remember sitting in my room listening to a tape of Cheshire Cat at age 11 and being amazed at the sound coming out of my stereo while circle moshing before I even knew what circle moshing was. I had never heard anything like it. I remember when Dude Ranch came out (yay Alyssa Malano) and Travis joined the band. I remember being so stoked when Enema of the State made it big and when "Adam's Song" was my favorite song. I remember the Pop Disaster Tour being one of the best nights of my life (contrary to popular belief, I thought Blink was awesome live). I remember wanting all three copies of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

Yay music!

I remember being devastated when I found out that they were no longer a band.

So sad! Black emo tears!

This band took me forward and backwards. I learned about Jimmy Eat World because of Blink 182. I learned about Warped Tour aka Punk Rock Summer Camp because of Blink 182. I learned about The Descendants and Screeching Weasels and Black Flag because of Blink 182. Granted.... I also learned about Dickies and skate shoes - oh what a low time in my fashion life. I learned about pop, punk,pop punk, hardcore, and skate culture because of this trio.

So, yes. It is a big deal that this band it back together. Without this band we would not have Fall Out Boy or Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or any of the other little pop punky groups running amuck nowadays. I jumped from my seat and screamed, "Fuck yes!" when they officially announced the reunion.
I got chills when I saw the new website.

Girl boner.

And I may in fact quit my life to follow their tour this summer.

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